Pro Audio Support

Drive compatibility for Akai S5000 and S6000
Compatiblity requires software version 1.21 or higher on both S5000 & S6000

CD-ROM drives:
- Pioneer 35x model DR-766
- Plextor 40x model PX40TS *
- Teac 32x model CD-532S **

CD-R/RW Drives ALL listed supported as CD-ROM drives only. CD writing is not supported.
- Melco 32x model CDRW-S8432
- Plextor 20x model PX-820Te
- Plextor 20x model PX-W8220Te
- Plextor 32x model PX-W124Tse
- Plextor 32x model PX-W12432Te
- Ricoh 24x model RW7060S
- Sanyo 32x model CDR-BP3

FIXED SCSI DRIVES (OK'd as internal drives as well)
- IBM 4.5 GB model DDRS-3456OU version S97B
- Seagate 4.5 GB model ST34520N version 1281

FIXED IDE DRIVES - OK as internal drives but require the optional IB-ID2SC IDE-to-SCSI converter board.
- Fujitsu 10 GB model MPE3102AP
- Fujitsu 10 GB model MPF3012AP
- Fujitsu 20 GB model MPF3204AT
- Quantum 30 GB model Fireball Plus AS 0A1Y
- Seagate 10 GB model ST320212A version 3.02
- Seagate 20 GB model ST320423A version 3.02

Fuji Film 100 MB modelZIP100 version H.14 ***
Fujitsu 230 MB model MCE3023SS version 0030 †
Fujitsu 230 MB model M2512EL version 0010 †
Fujitsu 230 MB model M2513A version1300 See notes ††, §
Fujitsu 230 MB model M2513E version See notes ††, §
Fujitsu 1.3 GB model MCD3130SS version 0010 See note ††
Iomega 100 MB model ZIP100 version H.14 ***
Iomega 250 MB model ZIP250 version H.41

* The drive should be set to SCSI ID #5 and you should “Make Active”
** A “Hard Disk Read Error” message may appear when trying to access it during the CD-Rom sleep mode, but there is no problem trying “Access” many
*** Cannot use the write protect function
† May have noise on D-D recordings, however Save/Load operations are OK.
†† Cannot use 640 MB disks due to 2048 sector size.
§ must Set Write Cache “OFF”