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How can I get Sony Sound Forge 7.0 to recognize my Waves or other Direct X plugins? They show up in other programs, but not in Sound Forge.
Try downloading the latest version of Sound Forge. Uninstall your current version, install the new version you downloaded.

If this does not work, you can go into your c:\program files\waves directory, and drag and drop the plugins' DLL files into Sound Forge. To do this, first open Sound Forge, make it not full screen so you can view the plugin folder along side SF. Simply take the first DLL file and drag it onto the SF window. It will ask if you want to register this plugin in Sound Forge. Answer No, then drag it in again and answer Yes. This will un-register and then register it into SF. Continue to do this for all plugins.

If this doesn't work, you can do this, but be aware, this involves getting into your system's registry (huge configuration file for Windows) and modifying its contents incorrectly can necessitate reinstalling Windows.

1. Close any Sonic Foundry applications.
2. From the Start menu, choose Run. Type REGEDIT and click OK.
3. Backup your registry - choose Export Registry File and then choose a filename, like C:\Backup.reg, choose Export Range to be All, and hit Save. This may take 30 seconds- it's a huge file.
4. Using the Registry Editor interface, navigate to the following directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sony Media Software\7.0. Within this directory you will see subdirectories for all Sonic Foundry applications and their subcomponents.
5. Find the folder for the application that you are working with and click the '+' sign next to it. You will see another set of subdirectories: DXCache, File Format Cache, License, and Metrics.
6. Right-click the DXCache folder and choose Delete from the shortcut menu. This will eliminate the DirectX cache for that specific application. The next time you start the application, the DirectX cache will be rebuilt and your DirectX plug-in changes will appear in the application.