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My new Creation Station does not seem "Whisper-Quiet."
Most often, noise problems are due to the CPU fan running too fast. On new Creation Stations (shipped after August of 2006), the fan speed is controlled by a technology called Q-Fan, which continually monitors motherboard and CPU heat, adjusting the fan speed accordingly. The fans are incredibly efficient, and under normal cirumstances, it is enough to keep the machine cool and quiet. However, in some circumstances, the fans do get too loud. Any of the following should help:

1. Position the Creation Station so there is more airflow around it. In other words, keep at least 8" of empty space for air to circulate both in front and in back of the Creation Station.
2. Check to see if there is anything obstructed the fan. Sometimes a cable can be jostled loose in shipping or transport, and lodge itself in the path of one or more fans. This causes a loud buzzing or grating noise. Simply move the cable out of the fans path to return it to its quiet operation.
3. Make sure the temperature of the room the Creation Station is in does not get too high. Keeping the room at common room temperatures (in other words, not above 75 degrees Fanerheit) should be sufficient.
4. Make sure the Q-Fan settings did not get alterred in the BIOS. To check, reboot the Creation Station and repeatedly tap the Delete key, until you enter the blue and gray BIOS Setup Utility. Navigate to the Power tab, and then to Hardware Monitor. Press Enter, and navigate to Q-Fan. Make sure it is set to Optimal. You may set it to Quiet, but if your Creation Station is in a room that is too hot, without proper ventilation, you run the risk of overheating.

*** Please be extremely cautious when entering the BIOS. If you accidentally set something to an incorrect setting, it can cause your computer to stop functioning normally. Follow these instructions to the letter, without deviating from them. ***

On older Creation Stations (shipped before August of 2006), adjusting the fan speeds on your Creation Station will usually fix this problem. The fans are tuned during the configuring of your PC, but can occasionally become de-tuned during shipping, resulting in the computer being too loud. To readjust the fan speeds:

1. Remove the top of computer in such a way that you will be able to access the inside while the computer is on.
2. Open the PC Probe on your computer (Star > All Programs > ASUS > PC Probe).  Newer PC's will have have PC Probe II, and the application will consist of 4 hexagonal meters. Older PC's will have PC Probe 2.X, and will be a standard rectangular window. Locate the CPU fan speed and chassis readings (individual hexagons on PC Probe II; under the "Monitoring" section on PC Probe 2.X).
3. Locate the CPU fan inside the computer (big copper heat sink mounted on the motherboard).  Follow the cables from it to a little black box mounted inside the computer.  On this box, there will be a knob. This knob controls the CPU fan speed
4. On the PC Probe, locate the CPU fan speed reading.
5. Turn the CPU fan speed knob counter-clockwise until the fan speed reads at or slightly above 1800 RPM.
6. On the PC Probe, locate the Chassis/Rear fan speed reading.
7. Locate the fan on the rear of the computer.  Note the 4 corners:  three will contain standard screws, but the fourth will require a jeweler's Phillips-head screwdriver.
8. With a jeweler's screwdriver, adjust the corresponding screw so the PC Probe lists the speed at 1450 RPM.

You should now notice a definite decrease in the amount of fan noise.  If this process does NOT help, please call Tech Support.