Pro Audio Support

How to I copy a Kurzweil sounds CDROM to the internal drive on a K2500/K2600?
Use the "Backup" command in the Disk section.

Here are the basic Backup steps (K25 Musician's Guide pg. 13-62):

1. press Disk
2. select SCSI ID of device to back up (in this case the CDROM)
3. press [BackUp]
4. select directory to start backup at (the directory you choose and all subdirectories will be copied)
5. press Current
6. select Destination disk SCSI ID (in this case, the hard drive), press [OK]
7. select destination directory path (press [Change] if you need to select alternate path), press [OK]
8. select BackUp method, either [Replace] or [Increm] (as it sounds like you just want to dupe files that do not yet exist on the destination drive, your choice here will be academic) - a help menu is available on this screen if the user needs guidance.
9. press [OK] - back up begins
10. when the screen returns to the Disk Mode screen the backup is done

Tip: clear user RAM before employing BackUp (or Copy) as it will speed up transfer time. (A hard reset wil clear user RAM).

Note: if the disk you are copying employs Macros you will need to be careful as to where you place the files on the destination disk (step 7).  In general, if this applies, you would want to back things up to the root directory to maintain the identical file paths, preserving the integrity of the macros.