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NEW Digidesign Tech Support Folder - Utilities and Troubleshooting Tools
Digidesign has posted a new Tech Support Folder full of utilties test sessions for troubleshooting and other resources. This resource is useful to ANY ProTools user as a learning and troubleshooting resource. The Tech Support Folder can be downloaded free of charge from:
• Tech Support Utility — for Mac OS X & Windows XP
The Tech Support Utility is an easy to use program that can help you solve many common Pro Tools technical support issues, including:
* Error messages
* Strange behavior and performance problems in Pro Tools
* Plug-in performance problems
* Input and output problems in Pro Tools
* Launch problems
* Random application closure problems
* Unwanted demo period authorization messages
* Problems related to incompatible plug-ins and a list of installed plug-ins (and their versions)

Before running the Tech Support Utility, please read the included Tech Support Utility Read Me.

• Troubleshooting Sessions — for Mac OS X & Windows XP
The Troubleshooting Sessions folder contains Pro Tools session files for the following Pro Tools LE systems (Windows or Mac): 003, 003 Rack, Digi 002, Digi 002 Rack, Mbox 2 Pro, Mbox 2, and Mbox. (Please note that you may use the Mbox Output session to test the Monitor Outputs on the Mbox 2 Mini). These sessions can be used to troubleshoot the following situations:
* No input or output via S/PDIF connection
* No input or output via Optical (ADAT) connection
* No input or output via MIDI ports
* No audio out of monitor outputs

Before running any of the Troubleshooting Sessions, please read the included Troubleshooting Sessions document.

• PC Wizard — for Windows XP
PC Wizard is a utility that quickly analyzes your PC to produce a complete description of components in your Windows computer. Once you have run PC Wizard you can compare the information given about certain components (such as processor, chipset, and RAM) with the compatibility information on our website. It is very important to be working on a supported PC when using Pro Tools otherwise Pro Tools may perform poorly or may not even work at all. Furthermore, Digidesign can only offer support for system components that have been tested and approved for use with Digidesign hardware and software.
Before running PC Wizard, please read the included PC Wizard Read Me.

• Digidesign Support FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
This guide is a troubleshooting resource for problems you may encounter when using Pro Tools. It covers the most common issues and errors that you might encounter (even if you are an experienced user), as well as provides information on common Pro Tools errors and why they occur.

• Tech Support Folder — Download Contents

* Tech Support Utility (for Pro Tools HD, LE, M-Powered, and Academic systems on Mac OS X & Windows XP)
* Troubleshooting Sessions (for Pro Tools LE systems on Mac OS X & Windows XP)
* PC Wizard (for Windows XP)
* Read Me documents with instructions for all of the above
* FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide (Acrobat PDF)