Pro Audio Support

What's the best way to get going with my Symetrix 528E Voice Processor?
1. Push the MIC/LINE switch IN.
2. Put the -15 PAD switch in the NORM position (OUT).
3. Set the OUTPUT LEVEL control at "0", the 12 o'clock position.
4. Set the MIC GAIN control to achieve peaks of "0" dB on the output meter when speaking into the microphone.
5. Set the De-ess FREQUENCY control to 3 o'clock.
6. Set the De-ess THRESHOLD control to "0".
7. Push the DE-ESS switch IN.
8. Set the EXP THRES control to "-25" (12 o'clock).
9. Set the COMP THRES control to "-10" (12 o'clock).
10. Set the COMP RATIO control to "2" (12 o'clock).
11. Push the EXP/COMP switch IN.
12. Set the Low EQ FREQUENCY control to 11 o'clock.
13. Set the Low EQ BANDWIDTH control to 11 o'clock.
14. Set the Low EQ CUT/BOOST control to 2 o'clock.
15. Set the Mid EQ FREQUENCY control to 8 o'clock.
16. Set the Mid EQ BANDWIDTH control to 11 o'clock.
17. Set the Mid EQ CUT/BOOST control to 11 o'clock.
18. Set the High EQ FREQUENCY control to 10 o'clock.
19. Set the High EQ BANDWIDTH control to 2 o'cloc).
20. Set the High EQ CUT/BOOST control to 2 o'clock.
21. Push the EQ IN/OUT switch IN.
22. Set the Output Level GAIN (dB) control to "0" (12 o'clock).
23. Push the VOICE SYMMETRY switch IN.