Pro Audio Support

I have connected the H2 via USB to a computer running Windows XP, but it is not being recognized correctly as an audio interface.
The driver software may not have been installed correctly. Perform the following steps to delete the driver software and then reinstall it. This may solve the problem.

1. Click the [Start] button, right-click on the [My Computer] icon and click [Properties].
2. On the [System Properties] screen, click the [Hardware] tab and click the [Device Manager] button.
3. Expand the [Universal Serial Bus controllers] listing in the tree and look for an entry called [USB Composite Device] with a yellow exclamation mark next to it.
4. If there is such an entry, right-click on it and select [Uninstall].
5.On the [Action] menu of Device Manager, click [Scan for hardware changes]. The H2 will be recognized automatically, and you can install the driver software again.

If there is no entry with a yellow exclamation mark next to it, try restarting the computer and attempt the procedure again. If it still doe snot work, then contact Technical Support.