Pro Audio Support

Hardware Monitoring and SPDIF Output Monitoring with a Saffire PRO.
Hardware Monitoring

The hardware monitoring feature allows the 8 analogue inputs to be routed directly to the 8 analogue outputs for zero latency 8 channel monitoring. The 8 analogue inputs can simultaneously be recorded direct to disk. This feature is useful if you want to use the Saffire PRO pre amps with zero latency while still tracking to disk.

To enable Hardware Monitoring

Mac Users:- select it in the 'Hardware' menu in Saffire Control PRO.

PC Users:- Click on the Focusrite Saffire PRO logo to open up the menu, and select 'Hardware Monitoring' from there.

SPDIF Output Monitoring

When hardware monitoring is enabled, the analogue outputs are unavailable for monitor mixing. However, the any digital output can still be used as a monitor mix (will normal throughput latency). This allows you to monitor the output of Saffire PRO while still routing all 8 analogue inputs directly to the analogue outputs with zero latency. This is a perfect solution for live recording situations.

This feature is available from version 2.0 onwards. Please ensure that you have the latest version of the Saffire PRO software installed by visiting Focusrite's downloads page.