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How do I setup Liquid Mix for use with Pro Tools 7?
The Liquid Mix Installer can wrap and install RTAS versions of the Liquid Mix plugins. The Liquid Mix must be connected to the computer before running the installer.

PLEASE NOTE: The RTAS plugins generated by the installer will only work with ProTools LE or TDM version 7.0 or greater. They are not compatible with 6.x versions of ProTools. However, if you own a previous version of FXpansion (v1.x), you can wrap the VST plugins yourself. For more informations, click here.

Pro Tools TDM and Pro Tools LE differ in the way Delay compensation that is implemented. Pro Tools LE users have a limited delay compensation feature set, where all audio paths apart from wrapped plug-in slots are delay compensated. MIDI is also not delay compensated and so a manual offset has to be set-up in the preferences menu. Pro Tools HD has a full ADC feature set and can deal with most delay issues without manual configuration being required. Please read your Pro Tools User Guide, which details the use of delay compensation.

Pro Tools 7 LE includes a plugin called Time Adjuster which can be used to delay audio tracks by a certain number of samples. This is a useful way of manually setting delay compensation for tracks which are not delayed by the Liquid Mix plugin. The simplest way to set this up is to use two separate buses: one for audio tracks with Liquid Mix plugins inserted, and another bus for those without. This way, only one time adjuster plugin is required to adjust all non-delayed audio tracks. A typical bussing setup is shown in the screenshot here.