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My Aardvark card gives this error message in Windows 2000 / XP: “The procedure entry point smapls could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel32.dll. Entry point not found.”
1. Check for the file AARKTHK.DLL in the folder c:\program files\aardvark\aarkthk.dll. If it is there, you have installed the 98 drivers. Delete this file.

2. Run the Aardvark uninstaller from the Windows 2k/XP driver folder you downloaded (Choose Custom, and Select All & Next until it says Finish). If it asks if you want to delete any unused files, hit Yes to All.

3. Delete the directory C:\Program Files\Aardvark if it is not already deleted.

4. Go into device manager (Right-click on My Computer, go to Properties - Hardware - Device Manager - Sound, Video, and Game Controllers. Right-click your Aardvark card and hit Uninstall.

5. This will remove the drivers, and upon reboot, it should auto-detect the card. Point it to where your Aardvark Win2k and XP drivers are located.

If you have the drivers successfully installed already, you can simply go into the Aardvark Manager, Advanced, and see what driver version you have. The Windows 98/ME version is 5.14 (or 5.21 for the Q10). Windows 2000/XP drivers are 6.x.