Pro Audio Support

When I launch Pro Tools LE it freezes when loading some plug-ins like BF-3A or VocAlign.
In some cases, installing plugins from your Pro Tools installer disk that do not come with your product, the application ProTools LE might 'hang' or 'freeze.'

For example, if you purchase an MBox, it does not come with Bomb Factory BF-3A.

If you're not sure what plug-ins should be included, check the documentation included with your package, OR visit the product pages at
If you discover that you've installed plug-ins that do not come free with your Pro Tools, you may need to uninstall those plug-ins.

Presently the procedure for uninstalling the demo plug-ins is different for each respective platform.

In XP: Use Add/Remove programs to remove any expired Plug-ins.
(ie.D-fI;DINR LE;MAXIM;Sound Replacer;Surround scope;or Focusrite)

In OSX: Go to Mac HD/Library/App Support/Digidesign/Plug-ins and remove the Demo plugins to the trash. Empty trash.

Although the removal of the DigiTranslator is the same for both platforms, It is in a different location than the removal of plug-ins.

Digitranslator may be removed by Deleting the OMF.dll file.
In XP: local C/Program files/Digidesign/Pro Tools/OMF.dll
In OSX:Mac HD/Applications/Digidesign/Pro Tools/OMF.dll

DV Toolkit can be removed from Mac OSX by removing the
Timecode.dll file from inside the Pro Tools folder