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Cubase SX3 installation/Registration is confusing..Help
First of all:

- There is a registration card on cardboard with a serial number with ten digits like "XXXXXXXXXX" printed on it. This number is NOT needed for the installation or license authorization process but used to be databased when sending in the registration card.

- There is an authorization number printed on the cover of the install DVD which looks like "AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC-DDDDD-EEEEE". This number is required when starting the installer from the DVD and has to be entered there. There is a mismatch of the terms in the installer, it asks for a serial number - which means this authorization code. On PC there is a dialogue with five fields separating the blocks of the authorization number, so just enter each block after another. On MAC there is just one big field, enter the complete authorization number in one go including the hyphens.

- Finally there is an authorization code printed on a separare sheet of paper to activate/download the SX3 license to your USB dongle. This code looks like "AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD-EEEE-FFFF-GGGG" This code has to be entered in the LCC when starting the license download wizard.

- When you start to register SX3 online after installtion the web site asks you for a serial number. This is a mismatch of the terms, you have to enter the authorization number from the install DVD.