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How do I update the System on my Zoom H4
As of 04/01/07 the latest system is 1.30
To Update:
Go to: www.zoom.co.jp
1. Download the latest system software by clicking "DOWNLOAD" button.

2. Copy the downloaded system file "SYSTEM.BIN" into the root directory of the SD card via a USB connection. (For details, please refer to the section “Using the H4 as an SD card reader" on page 82 of the operation manual.)

3. Insert the SD card into the H4. Then turn on power to the H4 while holding down the bottom (INPUT MENU) of the [MENU] key. (During the version update process, the H4 needs to be powered by a supplied AC adaptor.)

It addresses:

1. Supported Windows Vista for USB audio interface/USB card reader function.
2. Deleted host PC select function, as we found problems in added Win mode at Ver1.10, intended stop in recording or out of sync happen depending on performance of PC, when using downloaded ASIO driver from our website