Pro Audio Support

My plugins do not show up in Pro Tools.
There are several reasons why this can happen. Below are the most common. If these tips do not help, please contact Tech Support.

• Be sure you have the proper versions installed. Some older plugin versions will not work on newer operating systems (such as Intel-based Macs). Conversely, some new plugins might not work on older versions of ProTools. Always be sure to have compatible versions first.

• Make sure the proper type is installed. For example, if you've got a ProTools LE system a "TDM" plugin or bundle would not work.

• Some plugins only work on mono tracks (for example, AmpliTube), some on stereo tracks (SampleTank), and some only appear as AudioSuite plugins (TCE Tool). Make sure you are launching the plugin on an appropriate track.
• Virtual instruments (VI's), software synthesizers (soft synths), and ReWire instruments should be launched on a Stereo Instrument Track. Stereo Aux Inputs, and chosen as multi-channel plugins.
• Make sure the plugins are in the proper location on your computer:
-Windows XP: C: > Program Files > Common Files > Digidesign > DAE > Plug-ins. Make sure the .dpm and .dpm.rsr (if applicable) files are in this folder. Waves plugins will appear as "Waveshell.dpm."
-Mac OSX: Mac HD > Library > Application Support > Digidesign > PLug-Ins. Make sure the plugin file is this folder.
• VST-only plugins will only show up with the VST to RTAS adapter. Make sure you have run this before attempting to use VST plugins in ProTools.

If none of these tips help, and you still do not see your plug ins, please contact Tech Support.