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I accidentally put too many songs on my playlist. How can I move some of them to a new playlist?

To remove a track from a playlist:

1) Have the track that you are removing from the playlist selected in the display.

2) Press the [DEL TRACK] button. The Masterlink's screen will display "Del 'Song 01' From PList? Y/N" where "Song 01" is the name of the Track to be deleted.

3) Press [UP/YES] to remove the Track from the playlist. The next Track in the playlist will move into its place. Pressing [DOWN/NO] will cancel the operation.

NOTE: Deleting a Track from a playlist does not delete the audio samples from the hard drive. The audio remains on the disk as an audio file and can be accessed and added to a new playlist.

To add an Audio File to a new Playlist:

1) Create and/or select the Playlist you want to use.

2) Press the [PLAYLIST EDIT] button to go into Playlist Edit mode.

3) Press [SKIP >>] button until you see "(audio file)" under the name of the Song you'd like to put on the playlist.

4) Press the [TRACK MOVE] button. The Masterlink screen will say "Move AFile>Track01."

5) Choose your destination track and press [TRACK MOVE] again. The Masterlink's display will say "Are You Sure?"

6) Press [UP/YES] to complete the move. Pressing any other key will cancel the move and the Audio File will not be added to the Playlist.