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Windows Vista Compatibility. Updated 3/21/08.

Even as more and more manufacturers announce support for Microsoft's Windows Vista, rumors and uncertainty about compatibility still abound. To make it easy for you, here is a list of products known to be compatible in Vista. A "*" denotes Vista 32-bit compatibility only. The version number, if applicable, is in parentheses, and indicates the earliest version that is Vista-compatible. Newer versions than what is listed (such as Reason 4) are assumed to be compatible. This list is not exhaustive; if a product is not listed here, please check with the manufacturer. The general rule is that unless Vista support is specifically mentioned, then assume that it is nonexistent. Also, please note that these latest versions are currently available as downloaded updates through the manufacturer's website, while some require you to be registered prior to downloading. Additionally, be sure to check with each manufacturer for more detailed compatibility information.

••• Please note that since Vista has been released for over a year, this will be the last update to this list. If a specific product is not listed here, then check with the manufacturer's website for full compatibility details. •••

Audio Software (by product)

• Ableton Live (6.0.9)
• AnTares AVOX (1.1.3)
• AnTares Harmony Engine (1.0)
• BIAS SoundSoap (2.1.1), SoundSoap Pro (1.2), and Master Perfection Suite (1.2)
• Cakewalk: ALL current products.
• Celemony Melodyne (all current editions).*
• Cycling '74 Max/MSP (4.6.3)*
• Digidesign Pro Tools (HD, LE, and M-Powered 7.4)* Also, please note that at this time, Digidesign only officially supports Vista Business and Ultimate 32-bit editions.
• EastWest: PLAY interface. Currently released products featuring PLAY include Voices of Passion, Fab Four, Ministry of Rock, and Gypsy. Others, including existing EastWest products, will be released later.
• Focusrite LiquidMix (2.0rc1)
• Focusrite Plugins (2.2.1fc1)
• IK Multimedia: All current software.
• Image Line FL Studio (version 7 for all editions)
• iZotope Ozone (3.12)
• iZotope Trash (1.11)
• iZotope Spectron (1.11)
• KORG Legacy Collections (versions vary)
• Line6 GearBox (3.10)
• Line6 Monkey (1.16)
• M-Audio Session (
• Magix Samplitude and Sequoia (9.1)
• Make Music Finale 2008*
• Native Instruments. "All current Native Instruments products generally operate without any specific limitations or problems under the 32-bit version of Vista." from • PG Music Band-in-a-Box (2007)
• Propellerheads Reason (3.0.4)*
• Propellerheads Recycle (2.1)*
• Propellerheads Reload (1.0.1)*
• Roger Nichols Digital Plugins, all with latest downloaded version
• Sibelius (all current products with most recent download, available after registration)
• Sony CD Architect (5.2b)*
• Sony DVD Architect (4.5)*
• Sony Sound Forge (9.0a)*
• Sony Vegas Pro (8.0)
• Sony "Studio" series applications (all)
• SSL Duende
• Steinberg: Please see the list of supported items here: • Tascam GigaStudio (4)
• Tascam GVI (3.60)
• Toontrack EZ Drummer (updated with latest version after registration)*
• Toontrack Superior 2.0 (when released)*
• Universal Audio UAD-1 cards/software (4.6)
• WaveMachine Labs Drumagog (With latest software version from download. Also, please see this article for installation instructions)
• Waves: Various bundles supported on certain 32-bit hosts only. Please see this page for full details.

Audio Hardware (by manufacturer)

• Alesis: iO|14; iO|26; MultiMix Firewire mixers;
• Cakewalk: PowerStudio 250 and 660.
• Digidesign: MBox2Micro; MBox2Mini; MBox2; MBox2Pro; Digi002; Digi002R; Digi003; Digi003R. Note that Pro Tools software version 7.4 is required. Pro Tools HD hardware systems are also supported with version 7.4.
• Edirol: For a complete list, please see: • E-MU: Complete information can be found here: • Focusrite: Saffire*; Saffire LE*; Saffire Pro 10 I/O*; Saffire Pro 26 I/O*; LiquidChannel Control.
• Frontier Design: AlphaTrack; Dakota; WaveCenter/PCI; TranzPort (beta).
• IK Multimedia: All current products.
• JBL LSR series calibration software.*
• KORG: AX3000B; AX3000G; C520; C720; KONTROL49; KP3; KPC1; K series MIDI controllers; padKONTROL; microkontrol; microKORG; microX; MR1; MR1000; PA800; PXR4; R3; RADIAS; TR Music Workstation; Triton Extreme; X50. Note that some products in this list do not interface directly with a computer, but the software update utility is compatible with Vista.
• Lexicon: Alpha; Lambda; Omega; MX200; MX300; MX400.
• Line6: TonePort UX1; TonePort UX2; GuitarPort; PODxt; PODxt Pro; PODxt Live.
• Lynx: AES16; LT-FW.
• M-Audio: As the list of fully released and beta drivers continues to grow, they are added to this page.
• Mackie: Onyx400F; Onyx1200F; TT-24 (control application).
• MOTU: All current audio and MIDI interfaces.
• Novation: All products.
• PreSonus: FireBox; FirePod; FP10; Inspire1394; FireStudio; FireStudio Project.
• RME: All HDSP systems (including Multiface, Digiface, 96/52, 96/32, etc.); Fireface 400; Fireface800.
• Samson: All USB microphones, as class compliant devices. The SoftPre is NOT supported at this time.
• Tascam: US-122L; US-144; US-1641; DM-3200 (Mixer Companion software); DM-4800 (Mixer Companion software); FW-1804; FW-1884; FW-1082.
• TC Electronic; Konnekt24D; Konnekt8; Konnekt Live.
• Yamaha: GO46; MotifXS; n-Series Firewire Digital mixing Studios; All MIDI interfaces.
• Zoom: H4; PS-04; MRS-8; MRS-1608; MRS-1266; MRS-1044; MRS-802.

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