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How do I move my Midi Session from my Sonar session to Protools?

X-porting Midi from Sonar to Protools

Open a project in Sonar ( that you want to transfer to Protools )
Go to the File menu
Choose "SAVE AS" THen give it a FIle name
Under the "File Name" box , There is a "Save as Type" box
Pull down the menu (down arrow) AND CHOOSE "MIDI Format 0" After you save, close Sonar, and re open Protools
In Protools, open a new session..
Go to the File Menu and choose "IMPORT" ... Choose "MIDI"
Browse your drive to find the midi ( .MID) file you saved from the Sonar session.
Then after the midi data loads, you have to "Voice" it by assigning Sampletank ( or other Virtual Synth) instruments
to the appropriate tracks..