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If you are in need of line 33 tech support, you've come to the right place. On this page you'll find answers to some of the most popular line 33 tech support issues as reported by other customers. Pro audio equipment has become more complex than ever, and it is not uncommon to need help configuring even the most reliable gear. If you don't find the answer you are looking for here, please check the manufacturer's official website for more line 33 tech support.

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ProTools is giving the message, "Could not complete the Bounce to Disk command because Assertion in FF_AudioProperty.ccp, line 33" on Windows XP.

In many cases trashing ProTools Preferences and Digidesign Databases fixes this problem:

Deleting Digidesign Databases:
1. On the root level of every mounted hard drive, go into the Digidesign Databases folder and delete the "Volume.ddb" and "WaveCache" files.
2. Go to: My Computer > C: > Program Files > Digidesign > Pro Tools > Databases > Volumes. Delete all of the files in this folder (they will have very odd names).

Trashing Preferences:
1. Go to: My Computer > C: > Documents and Settings > (your user name) > Application Data* > Digidesign. Delete the file entitled "ProTools...v6.x Preferences.PTP" (this may be either ProTools LE or TDM, and any version, such as 6.4 or 6.9).
*If the Application Data folder is not there, go to: Tools (in the menus at the top) > Folder Options > View, and select "Show Hidden Files and Folders."
2. Go to: My Computer > C: > Program Files > Common Files > Digidesign > DAE. Delete the entire "DAE Prefs folder."

Empty the Recycle Bin after trashing preferences and/or databases.