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On my Creation Station, my Digidesign interface works great with Pro Tools, but audio is stuttering or is non-existent in other programs.

This is due to 2 factors: the way Digidesign audio drivers are designed, and the audio configuration of the Creation Station.

Digidesign hardware and software is designed to be proprietary. That is, it is meant to be used in the enclosed Digidesign system. Pro Tools only launches with the hardware connected, and Digidesign plugins only work in Pro Tools. Likewise, Digidesign hardware is meant to be used only with Pro Tools. However, Digidesign does recognize that the hardware may be needed in other scenarios. For this reason, they provide the Digideisgn ASIO driver, which allows for ASIO-based applications (like Sonar, Cubase, Samplitude, etc.) to utilize the hardware. The problem lies with applications that do not support the ASIO standard, such as iTunes, PowerDVD, and older audio programs. Sometimes, the primary Digidesign drivers simply do not work. The main solution lies in the MMe Helper. please see article number 30237 for more details.

The other solution is to enable the buil-in audio card in your Creation Station. Full instructions can be found in article number 31110. Audio will come from the green mini jack on the back of the Creation Station.