Pro Audio Support

How can I use my 2480 as a Front End for my computer software (Cubase) using my Presonus V Fire

First go to the Play/Rec parametr in the utility menu of the
Record monitor needs to be on source
Then turn on the track direct out. Change the analog multi output (I use 7/8 for my powered monitors). pull the patch wires up to mon. (Master is 1/2) This will allow monitoring.
The Track list (TR) on the right in the output assign screen corresponds to the physical inputs used. In Cubase, The asio driver on vst connects r-bus out 1/2 by default. (Other busses can be added by devices menu (vst connections)) (add bus)

When you create an audio track in cubase, the (in:) correspond to the r-bus out. That patch wire then needs to be pulled to the track lane (right pane) the signal is coming from.