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How do I create a drum pattern in realtime on the Boss BR-600?
1) Making sure that the PAD button is not lit, press the PATTERN button and then press the RHYTHM EDIT button.

2) Use the CURSOR buttons to select the "P" (for Preset of the factory patterns) and use the TIME/VALUE dial to change the P to an S (stands for the Song bank of you patterns). Now choose an empty pattern by cursoring one field to right with your right CURSOR button and TIME/VALUE dial.

3) Next, use the CURSORS to select "REAL" and press ENTER. Raise the "Master fader" and the "Rhythm fader" until you can hear the click track.

4) At this point the REC button will be flashing red. Press the RECORD button a second time to begin recording.

5) Hit the PAD buttons to trigger and input the note numbers in realtime to make your custom pattern. If you make a mistake, you can delete the wrong note or notes by holding down the DELETE/MUTE button and the "drum pad" of the instrument that you want to delete. When you are finished recording the pattern, press the STOP button. When you exit out of the pattern mode by pressing the EXIT twice, your pattern will be automatically saved.