Pro Audio Support

Why does my Pro Tools installer disk contain a lot of extra plug-in installers on it? Are they free too?
ProTools installer disks include installers for nearly every plug-in and option they distribute. This doesn't mean you get all of them for free. Rather, they are there as a convenience in case you need to reinstall your software for any reason or for those without the ability to download them from the Digidesign website. Also, should you purchase more plug-ins in the future, you will then have an installer that matches your version of Pro Tools.

If you purchased a standard version of Pro Tools LE or M-Powered, the basic installation will install the Digirack plug-ins and free Bomb-Factory plug-ins that come free with the basic purchase of Pro Tools. You will not need to install anything else.

If you purchased a factory bundle version of Pro Tools, then you can run the "Factory Bundle Installer" disk to load these or you can manually load them one-at-a-time. You can check knowldgebase article 30537 for a complete list of which plug-ins come with what Digidesign package.

Should you install all the plug-ins and installers on the Pro Tools installer disk then you may get prompts to "authorize or quit" the plug-in when you start up Pro Tools. If you do get these messages you can refer to knowledgebase article 29141 on how to remove them safely.